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Santa Barbara

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Commissioned by the Olathe Public School District for the Olathe Junior High Honor Choir, and performed beautifully by the honor choir, the work may be better suited to high school or university choruses, but ranges are junior high appropriate, and the work is accessible to festival choruses and advanced programs.

Recording of the International Show Choir of St. Mary’s International School, Tokyo, Japan, Randy Stenson, conductor

Text and translation below:

El casco roído y verdoso del viejo falucho reposa en la arena…
La vela tronchada parece
que aún sueña en el sol y en el mar.

El mar hierve y canta…
El mar es un sueño sonoro
bajo el sol de abril.
El mar hierve y ríe
con olas azules y espumas de leche y plata, el mar hierve y ríe bajo el cielo azul.
el mar rutilante,
que ríe en sus liras de plata sus risas azules… ¡Hierve y ríe el mar!…

El aire parece que duerme encantado en la fúlgida niebla de sol blanquecino. La gaviota palpita en el aire dormido, y al lento volar soñoliento,
se aleja y se pierde en la bruma del sol.

The old Felucca* rests in the sand–its rusty hull is tinged with green. The tattered sail folds over in the breeze
It is sleeping, dreaming,
sensing the warmth of the sun,

yearning to be in the sea once again. Bubbling and singing, the sea ripples…

Captivating like a dream,
beautiful and sonorous, he sings beneath the April sun. His blue swells and milk-silver froth
glitter beneath the bluest sky
His steady surf sounds rhythmic, musical as silver lyres. His azure swells laugh deeply together!
Bubbles and laughter! The sea!

Then suddenly, all is quiet. The air seems enchanted.
The tired fire of a white-hot sun lingers, crackling on the horizon. Above, a seagull indulges the dormant air. Flying wearily,
he disappears, losing himself in the glowing embers of sunset.

* A felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat used in the waters of the Mediterranean.

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